Earlier in the year the Callington Recreation Grounds Committee approached Council to remove six small Sugar Gums (Eucalyptus cladocalyx) adjacent to the new Callington recreation ground club rooms.

The trees were in poor health due to extensive compaction around the base of the trees and they had very poor structure and form due to a history of inappropriate lopping.

Only five Sugar Gums had to be removed with pruning allowing the retention of the sixth tree which sits nicely aside the northern end of the newly formalised car parking area.

The grounds were extensively de-compacted by digging over with an excavator and seven new Coral Gums (Eucalyptus torquata) have been planted in the de-compacted ground.

Coral Gum is a small to medium sized tree from Western Australia with beautiful prolific flowers and attractive, colourful fruit and buds pre and post flowering.
Heritage Carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua) north of the new toilet facilities also got a bit of TLC with some new mulching and expert pruning by our arboriculture team.
The treescape renewal was completed in time for the official club rooms opening held on Sunday 11 July.

The Callington Recreation Grounds Committee have collected all the fire wood to sell and raise funds to go towards the construction of a refreshments garden and barbeque space in a prime viewing area adjacent to the new club rooms.

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